Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the LOVE of Dog

Dog is just GOD spelled backwards ya know. Know wonder they are called mans best friend. Meet my four legged children  Sven , our foster pup Lola, and Sonia.  I have always fed my dogs the highest quality organic allergen free food or so I thought.  Sven has always had food sensitivities and digestive issues. It took me almost two years to find the right food for him and then they changed the recipe. I  found another food but still from time to time digetive upset. Digestive upset aka Diarrhea is not the best ever as you can imagine with a Great Dane. I have pondered the idea over the years about switching them to a vegetarian diet, have done the research but never made the leap. I wanted to make sure it wasn't for my own selfish reasons and beliefs. That was until last-night when I was up at 2 am with sick dogs. All of them vomiting . I thought god was punishing me for not having children LOL . It was like my kids were all sick with an intestinal flu. So I sat with it and asked myself is it the Full Moon , their food? Then it became very clear it was their food. They had just fasted on Friday and Saturday morning I opened a new bag of food for them. They didn't over eat or rush eating. All three of them sick has to be the new bag of food. So I lovingly prepared them dinner tonight brown rice, pumpkin, carrots ,and nutritional yeast. I have never seen them enjoy food so much.  So we will see how they feel in the next few days check in with the Vet and go fro there. I want the best possible diet for them and life so today they are vegetarian  today but tomorrow we will see? I can't help to think why would I give them something to eat that I would never ingest?


  1. That picture is so cute. What sweethearts. Good luck with feeding them. Sounds like the right choice.

  2. I have to say your opening line "Dog is just GOD" is just priceless and I love it!