Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year The Real YOU

May this year bestow upon you all the divine blessings and determination to align yourself with your goals.
Reflect and use your discrimination wisely on what it is you want to achieve this year. How can I best serve all? We can best serve all by being aligned with our true self not the little i but the big I . I am Divine. It is said to be a sin when we are not aligned with what we know in our hearts we should be doing. In fact we are wasting our time in this precious human birth. So this requires Tapas ,one of the Niyamas. Tapas is Austerity the great purifier. Tapas is lighting your own fire under your own seat. It is not pleasant for the mind it is when the alarm goes off for your meditation and you get up rather than hitting the snooze. Choosing a green juice instead of morning coffee. Moving us past our comforts. Of course the end result is much more everlasting than any of the comforts in fact it leads us to ultimate liberation or Moksha. Here a few important hints in keeping your determination and inspiration to be aligned with your supreme self.

1. Sangha - Or spiritual community. It is important to be surrounded in the right environment. Spend time with holy beings. You are who you hang with.

2. Svadhyaya - Study of the self or scriptural study. Here are a few of my favorite books right now that I am reflecting upon.

                                                             Bliss Divine  By: Swami Sivanada

You can read most of the works of Swami Sivananda FREE dlshq.org/

3. Retreats - Retreats are not only inspiring but allow you to immerse yourself in your Sadhana or spiritual Practices. We will be taking our annual retreat  January 15-17 to Kripalu www.kripalu.org with Sri Dharma Mittra. No better way to start the New Year off . Dharmaji's retreats are not to be missed. When registering with Kripalu tell them you are with the CNY group and receive 20% off your housing costs.  I also will be leading our annual Retreat to Costa Rica March 18-25 at the beautyfull Samasati Nature Retreat www.samasati.com/

Good Luck! Om Shanti Om


  1. Thank you for emailing and sharing your blog. I didn't know it existed until now! I love all of the suggestions.

  2. HI Lorie:

    Well, here goes!

    I'm not quite sure what a blog is all about, so lets hope you get this (and probably the whole world!?). It looks interesting.

    Not sure if everyone exchanges information or just shares whatever.

    It has actually gotten chilly here in Florida but at least there is no snow, I actually had to scrape my window this morning (with a spatula no less).

    Classes are going fine but are getting too large but I guess that's a good problem. Hoping to do a restorative class for "Yoga Day"

    Never looking forward to coming North--but always looking forward to classes at the center.