Wednesday, December 8, 2010


When we think of abundance sometimes thoughts go straight to the amount that is in our bank account or wallet.  Abundance includes all things spiritual, material, health, and more. We fail to recognize that abundance comes from within . Just like my teacher Sri Dharma Says "All is Within." We find ourselves looking for abundance outside of ourselves making misery in the act. Or  we fail to recognize all the abundance we have and our not using for instance our spiritual knowledge, breathe, yoga mat , the food that is already in the fridge or cupboards, friends, and clothes in our closets.

Here is my Abundance List 

    I love the abundance of mother Nature right now in CNY. There was a time when I did not appreciate the winters here. I love it bring more snow on! For us adults mother nature is speaking to us "do not take everything so seriously." Be like children. Remember when you were a child and would pray for a snow day? Or when you would play in the snow for hours! The hot cocoa after or cutting snow flakes out of your school paper. So I give you permission to act like a child today!
2. Travel
    I love to travel and am so happy to find myself traveling effortlessly. I often say I don't make plans I allow god to make plans for me and he often makes plans of travel. For Instance last night before class I had a urge to check my twitter account "cnyyoga" someone special re tweeted a Jet Blue deal for me. $10 flights to JFK this Saturday. I wanted to go the opening of Dharmaji's new center DHARMA WEST. It's a done deal I had asked at lunch to find away and received by dinner my divine travel plans $20 round trip ! The night before I booked a flight to Iceland in February because I was blessed to have a gift certificate for Iceland Air that was about to expire found a deal for  the same amount of my gift certificate. See Gods plans are better than anything I or you can even imagine.
3. Spiritual Teachers
    I am so grateful for my teacher Sri Dharma Mittra.

4. Animal Companions
Lola sleeping in legs up the wall pose! 

5. Love


  1. You're awesome Lor. So is Lola.

  2. i am a new follower. i love your comment about travel and how things just "show up." i have been wanting to try yoga. but because i am overweight, out of shape... i found every excuse not to. today, my social living deal presented the $30 coupon for 10 sessions. i had to purchase it. it was there for a reason, right? looking to learn more and am open to it... can't wait to meet you!

  3. Hi Shelley!
    I am so happy that showed up for you in your email. You belong here"CNY YOGA", yoga is for everybody! Can't wait to meet you!