Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twenty Eleven

We have kicked this year off full throttle with so much intensity. Being why I haven't posted in weeks. As many of you know we started with a fire at our downtown building a little purification on the physical realm :) There has been many other treats as well I will share with you later. I first wanted to share Sri Dharmas 2011 spiritual discourse. I look forward to this every year! Stay posted for recipe updates from the first portion of our conscious eating workshop.

New Years' 2011 Discourse
by Sri Dharma Mittra
In 1957, my younger brother lent me a Yogic book called "Days of Peace". I still remember the text, which was a detailed description of the state of bliss after one achieves enlightenment or Self-realization (the state of Samadhi and beyond). That was it! I decided to learn Yoga in order to find out: Who am I? What is eternal? Where am I going after this body is discarded? When I was initiated by my Guru, Swami Kailashananda in 1966, I made up my mind -- this is it! I am going to teach Yoga for the rest of my life for a few main reasons:
  1. Out of compassion for those who are seeking relief from their pain and suffering due to lack of Self-knowledge.
  2. So as to be able to be a full time Yogi.
  3. Because sharing spiritual knowledge is the greatest type of charity.
I think that teaching Yoga techniques for the achievement of Self-realization is one of the highest and holiest positions on this planet, because Self-knowledge is the highest knowledge. This knowledge is real "power" that leads to enlightenment and world peace.

When I teach, I seek always to share the foundation of Yoga. That's to say, without it, there will be no Kingdom of the Almighty One, nor will there be even a desire for liberation on the part of the students. I spend lots of time trying to make the students understand and realize the Yamas and Niyamas, sometimes passing through lots of difficulties because some students are not receptive. Yama is like the ethical rules of every religion -- it purifies the mind and heart. One automatically develops a strong desire for liberation, steadiness in their practice and, eventually, self-control. This leads naturally to success in meditation and the mind becomes fit for a vision of the Almighty One. The Niyamas include techniques to clean, promote healing, and generate physical and mental powers that all lead one to discover Self-knowledge. The final Niyama (Isvara Pranidhana) invites us to renounce the fruit of all actions to the Lord (the Highest). This is better even than meditation! Isvara Pranidhana teaches us to surrender the ego. Concentration and meditation methods are indispensable, as well. Finally, the students must learn that their compassion must extend beyond their pets -- it should reach all living beings. Some students immediately understand this and become vegetarians. After all, all living beings love life. They are like us -- they want to be happy and have a family. They fear violence and tremble before death. Students must come to understand that eating animals as food is a great sin and is "out of date". If compassion is fully developed, amazing psychic powers are acquired, such as the ability to know the why and how of everything. So, the best of my best of 53 years of Yoga is selected and shared each day, with love. This all is a short cut to immortality.

Although I have practiced and taught Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Psychic Development and Meditation for many years, the main focus of my practice was and remains Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Svadyaya (study of scripture). Anyone can practice these two forms of Yoga, as they require no basic level of physical or mental aptitude, special equipment or intensive preparation, just a great thirst for knowledge of the Real Self and a heartfelt desire to help and love everyone. Karma yoga is selfless work offered without any strings attached and with no expectation of enjoying the fruits of one's labor. Acting in this way, one gradually loses all selfishness and notions such as: "I am the doer." Thus comes total surrender of the ego. (Egoism is the second cause of pain and suffering.) Why do selfless service? Because without it, there will be no "Union", "absorption" or Self-realization.

The scriptural knowledge and all other knowledge are already contained in the eternal etheric records. When the mind is fit to receive them, then, due to Prana's vibrations and its variations, thoughts are generated and, with the help of Prana, they materialize in subtle form and are received by the mind. In the case of the scriptures, someone whose psychic channels are totally purified and who is endowed with enlightenment has simply become the vessel for these Divine thoughts to take form through. Surely the knowledge of the scriptures is received and written without any personal touch, because there is no notion of "me" or "I am the doer" involved. The holy person's mind is a perfect channel that does not distort Supreme knowledge. This Supreme knowledge that deals with the glories and powers of the Highest One (especially dealing with Self-knowledge) is the "holy key" that allows the mind to grasp an understanding of: "What is beyond duality and even beyond what the mind can comprehend?" One should approach the scriptures with the highest respect and reverence. While reading or hearing their contents, imagine that you are making direct contact with its point of origin, imagining that one is face to face with "Thee", receiving instructions.

Shanti, Shanti, Shantih.

With Great Love,

Dharma Mittra

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