Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Breathe

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We all woke this morning to yet another natural disaster. What can we do? We can begin to breathe together everyone can do this! Take time to unite in breath for peace and healing of the Earth today. I dare you to do this for just five minutes at your desk and share with as many as possible!

 I am not about doom and gloom or creating fear. We have heard from all the great mystics and elders of our times that enough is enough. The collective shift has to begin now. I again Highly recommend the book I posted in a previous post The Hope.The Hope: A Guide to Sacred ActivismThere is plenty to do!We can make it simple with our intention and breath everyday or make great change in our personal lives and how we live on the Earth. We need to develop a harmonius relationship with the Earth and others. It can not be about me,mine,and I. We must be able to give love freely in many forms. So lets start today. What are you willing to do? What are you willing to let go off so that the Earth and all her beings may thrive? It may be on a sub conscious level or a material level. We can all start with our breathe!" The Earth is shaking us off like fleas"what can we do to help? What can you shake up in your life and let go of that is not serving the world collectively.

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