Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitchen Tools for a Yogi Summer Cleanse

Although these things are not needed they do make life easier and more enjoyable! This is what I have in my kitchen.

The Excalibur Dehydrator

This has a temperature gage so you know for sure that the food you are dehydrating is 100% Raw. That's the point to save the enzymes we loose them once our food is cooked at higher than 115-118 degrees. There is no point in dehydrating food if it is over that temp you might as well through it in the oven. The shelves are removable and it is helpful for making larger items such as  raw burgers,macaroons,cakes etc. You do need teflex sheets for the soupy items your cheeses ,flax crackers,etc. The teflex sheets can be purchased off there site as well.

The Breville Juicer

I love my juicer! It is easy to clean and makes great green juice. There are a lot of great juicers on the market but I need quick and easy for my mornings. I have three dogs and a daily morning Yoga and Mediation practice followed by up to 4+ classes a day. One of the great things about this juicer is that you can put a whole cucumber and 4-6 stalks of celery all at once in it with out having to cut them into tiny pieces. Saves me soo much time. Some of the higher end juicers can make things like almond butter etc. You can easily make almond butter in a food processor and your Vita Mix,so no biggie!

The Vitamix

I use the vitamix at least once a day on weekends 2-3x a day! It is great for all my Green Smoothies not a trace of green leaf to be found! Also my coconut , raw smoothies,and raw blended soups. I make my own raw flours from cashew,almonds and make almond butter. This will Be the biggest investment for the raw food yogi kitchen but well worth it! I bought mine after my blender broke from making to many raw smoothies :) You can use the link and code below to receive free shipping! At least $25 off. They do have refurbished ones you can purchase which are a little cheaper and a 3 month payment plan options. Enjoy!

These are the top three items!!! To your Green Health and A Better World.

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