Thursday, May 12, 2011

Off With Your Head!

  Jai Ma!Om Kali!  

I just literally missed an opportunity of death.  I was pulling into my development at the intersection glancing back in my rear view mirror I witnessed a three car head on collision that I missed by seconds. Of course I instantly jumped out of my car dialed 911 and preceded to help.

You see this can happen any moment but somehow we forget we think we are going to cheat death. I can run this yellow light , I can make this left hand turn even though a sign reads No Left Turn. I can send this text. I have to go here ,I am in a rush, I am running late, I am ,I am going to cheat death. The only true immortality is conquering your damn mind. Everything else is restlessness and pure ignorance.
Let's stop kidding ourselves shall we . Put the restlessness to rest. Look at Kali see her holding your own head a symbol of your ego and ignorance. Kali is the great destroyer of half truths,and ignorance.
"Take from me all that is not free" -Bhagavan Das

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  1. How interesting, Brian and I had a similar experience last weekend to yours. Death is always knocking on the doorstep, we always need to be ready to go if it's time, so let's not waste it! Jai Kali Ma!