Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 Week Summer Yogi Cleanse

We had an amazing Spring Cleanse with over 30 Participants! The energy was high and results amazing. Why would you consider a cleanse? If you are feeling tired, stuck in life, never cleansed before, to tone up and shape up for that summer bikini, food sensitivities, allergies, bloating, gas, skin problems and to learn to eat more healthfully. Whoa!! Please join us as we begin this Friday.The first meeting is from 6-8 pm@ CNY YOGA IN LIVERPOOL. From then on we will have an online forum ,daily emails and video from me and weekly grocery lists and recipes. Plus lots of support and love from the collective consciousness. If you joined us for spring you are welcome to come along for the summer cleanse as we cleanse differently for the seasons. You will also learn how to align yourself for the most Radiant Health during the summer. This cleanse is in no way a calorie restricted diet but full of prana or lifeforce energy that is optimum for the yogic lifestyle.

Please Pre- Register @ cnyyogacenter@aol.com
The fee is $50 for all the materials and support for three weeks!

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