Friday, October 7, 2011

3 Week Yogi Cleanse

We are just finishing the first week of our fall Yogi Cleanse. We have over 30 people on board. Here is what some people who have participated in the previous cleanses are saying.

A bit apprehensive at first, I could not believe how easy it was and how good I felt even after the first day of the summer cleanse.  It was great doing it all online with the group and having the abundant support from Lori.  I particularly enjoyed her daily videos and delicious recipes.  What a wonderful way to experience healthy changes in my life that I never expected. ~ Marlene

 Participating in the Summer Cleanse helped me pause (@ the summer equinox) and become more reflective about what was going into my body. It was an opportunity to go inward and experience "being the witness" as my body responded to the purifying effects of this diet. Meditation and journaling helped to deepen the whole experience. Physically I was most amazed and how my arthritic symptoms went joint pain! This was apparently related to the absence of gluten in the diet. ~ Julie

The cleanse made me feel really clear. I was more intuned to what my body actually craved. I felt so light. I've never been afraid to try new foods so this gave me the opportunity to try new food combinations. I was always satisfied, once I got throught the first couple days! I had more energy and honestly needed little sleep. ~Michelle

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