Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is Coming

My Mom's infamous saying "Christmas is coming" was the common response starting as early as July to any desire we had expressed. It has become a joke for the entire family. So because Christmas or the holidays are coming here are some gift  ideas for the Yogi.

 What did I ever do without my Vitamix? This is the SUPREME raw kitchen tool. I use this everyday . You can make green smoothies,soups,raw deserts and so much more in seconds.. It is an investment but well worth it. If this is on your list be sure to give your family this code and link for Free Shipping. Also Brenda will help you out with a payment plan too. Enjoy Green Smoothies!

The best warm flannel sheets ever are from L.L.Bean. They are hands down the softest and are affordable. They have great colors too!*SHT_TYP*Ultrasoft+Flannel&nav=fb6-131

Ayurvedic skin care delights found here

Sponsor a farm animal for your compassionate yogi ,who just wants animals to be happy and free this holiday

May all beings be happy and free this Year! Om Shanti

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