Friday, October 9, 2009


Mouna is the the practice of controlled speech or silence. This is a wonderful time of year to begin the journey inward. As seasons change our energy changes. Living in a world full of distraction and stimulation much of our energy is wasted leaking out through the senses. One of the biggest ways is through speech.
How often do you waste energy gossiping,complaining,defending or being right? All of the great masters and saints practiced silence. This may be a challenging practice for some in the beginning but here are some suggestions in starting your own vow of silence so that you may get crystal clear in your communication.

1. Spend an hour on your lunch eating in silence no computer,phone,reading. Just mindfully eating

2. Spend your whole day off in silence.

3. Spend a few hours a day in silence at a designated time.

4. Take a silent retreat.

5. If you have family obligations take the opportunity of your partner being at work or out of town for your silent retreat.

6. Have pets practice communicating with them psychically .

There are many levels of taking mouna. Some do not read, watch TV,write,listen to music,or eat. Fast your senses in how you see fit. You will have more energy,peace,clarity and true kind speech. The practice of silence for sure will bring you radiance.

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