Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Well we are back from Costa Rica and what a transformational special time it was. One of things I love about travel is stepping into the unknown and letting go of being comfortable. Now I am not saying I always like to rough it but I mean letting go of comforts that are holding you back from change or evolution. You know going into the unfamiliar ,unpredictable,deep surrender and letting go of CONTROL. What are you hiding behind?

So as we traveled to the jungle really I had the opportunity of spending time in the jungle of my  Mind. Every morning I awoke at between the hours of 3:30 and 4 AM sometimes by choice but most often because of being in harmony with the nature of the rain-forest. Some nights there would be an intense rain in the forest pounding down on your tin roof then there is the howlers. Yes howler monkeys they sound like roaring lions and start around 4:30 every morning. This is the beauty you have no control. We have become so comfortable in life modifying our environments, our bodies ,and ultimately trying to modify others by control and exploitation. One of the beautiful things of our trip was the opportunity to live in harmony with all beings and that leads us to being in harmony with ourselves. There is no telling the howlers to stop being howlers,or telling the geckos to get out of your shower, or a spider to stop making its web. The beauty of all the creatures in Costa Rica was the there ability to be. You could understand this perfectly by watching all the dogs. There are plenty of dogs running around free. Totally tame , friendly, and off leash. Then you get it, you see how we want to control everything in our lives and environments and in others. The dogs in America are crazy. They don't have the ability to be a dog. I am guilty as charged too. Dogs are dogs yet we tell them to sit ,be quiet,don't chew this , do that,and don't do that. Control Control Control Now I am not saying the next time I see my dog eating my i phone I won't yell stop but it is something to think about. We denature everything even our selves.

Horses playing at Playa Punta Uva 
These horses randomly walked onto the beach by themselves one day and went for a swim then preceded to roll around in the sand.

So taking a good look into the jungle of our minds and our tendencies to control and denature ourselves,environments and others will lead us to real beauty and everlasting peace. What is truly beautiful? Living in harmony with ourselves and each other. Om Shanti Love


  1. Thank you for sharing this Lorie. Great things to think about. And it sounds like a really nice time, I would love to hear the night life of the forest. I'm glad you are back safe and sound....see you soon!!

  2. Hi Lorie: We are hoping to go to Costa rica next fall, would like to get some more info when we return home this spring