Thursday, May 27, 2010

Travel Light

 I have a lot of blogging to catch up on meaning a whole bunch to share. This has been a year of constant travel for me. I am surely blessed though it feels right to ground down at home base in Syracuse for a couple of weeks. My latest trip took me all the way to Washington State. Every year me and my closest girlfriends make a point to travel and meet for a Vaca together. We have been friends for many years some of these friendships have lasted 22 years!  This year we choose Seattle and Olympic National Forest. We are all Vegan or Veg and have been for over half our lives so food is always a part of the plan.

    We started out with Yoga in the airport. We all came in from NJ, NC,CA, Brooklyn, and Syracuse. So as the first bunch of us arrived we waited for the last to arrive and  found a nice spot in the airport for yoga.
        This is not the best picture ,but after our yoga practice we played Acro Yoga .
I try and travel lightly you can see my little purple luggage carry on that was all I brought.

When we finally left the airport we had to stop at a Whole Foods and stock up on Vegan yum yums for the first part of our stay . We rented a lovely house on acres of woods in Poulsbo. So $600 later at Whole Foods We had a caravan filled with six girls and even more groceries and luggage we knew what to do with. So lets Eat! Hoped on the ferry and opened some snacks. The house was incredible and even had a hot tub outside for us to soak in after long days of hiking.
  The next morning we set out for Olympic National Park and took a 15 mile cut a little short hike. I started with some pranayama and meditation on the deck of the house in the morning but had to move the asana portion indoors because it was cold! The forest is magnificent and prana filled.
                I wanted to sit here and mediate all day but finished the hike with my gals anyway.

When we finished  and made it back Erica made us a amazing vegan gluten free dinner. Olympic National Forest is amazing the trees are so unbelievably tall nothing like the east coast. The next day we headed out to the Olympic Peninsula. We made lots of snacks to take with us seeing the choices of food would be slim.  We made Kale Chips, Quinoa Tabouleh and brought other snacks. First stop was Port Angeles we found a health food store and got Green Juices soo relieved. Then we made it to Forks "twilight fans is this sounding familiar?" we finally made it to the rainforest Hoi National Park. The temperate rainforest is breath taking lots of moss and hanging moss from the trees.


 Finally we headed in to La Push and Quileute Reservation. Watched the seals for quite a while playing with the birds and then took another hike down to get to the beach. It was straight out of Goonies the movie!  It was a much needed trip and nourishing experience to commune with nature and my friends.

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  1. Hi Lorie:

    Looks like you had a great trip.

    Just got back from Florida for the summer. We spent a couple of extra weeks enjoying the heat after a "cold" winter. Hope to begin classes for the next session (after I get all my chores done).

    Take care

    Jim A.