Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Top 3 Fav Restaraunts In Seattle

I always find it helpful when traveling to check the web for Raw and Vegan friendly places to eat. While traveling in Washington a few weeks back our trusty Veg Out App on the Iphone listed 67 Vegan /Vegetarian Restaurants! These are my top 3 Favorite.

#1 - Thrive - Served up some amazing raw food. The staff was so nice! Once they found out we were on our girls trip they brought out some amazing complimentary cacao truffle treats. This was my entree that I ordered. It was reminiscent of ramen noodles without the side of nasty to go with it. It has been over 20 years since I have had ramen noodles but I have been dreaming of "Oh My Samurai" since I left Seattle.

Oh My Samurai

One of our signature teriyaki noodle dishes. Magically mineralized sea kelp noodles marinated in sweet and savory teriyaki sauce and served with sword-sliced red and green cabbage. Topped with Cashews.

I also had a ginger shot with lemon and Cayenne. This is the only shots I do!

#2 - Healeo
           Is  an amazing superfood bar with lots of raw options,juice and shake bar and lightly cooked items like soup and ancient grains. They also have Hemp Soft Serve! I suggest the Acai Bowl and have been making my variation inspired by them upon my return. I will post the recipe soon! By this time I was convinced that everyone in Seattle is super nice. The staff was so friendly and helpful. The inside of Healeo is well designed,energetic,and bright.


#3 - Flying Apron

This was a surprise as they have just come out with a cookbook which I ordered and carry at the yoga center. The Flying Apron is Vegan Gluten Free Cafe / Bakery. It was heavenly after having to endure going to Mighty O's and watch my non Gluten Free friends enjoy vegan Donuts. I had my own indulgence  a Peanut Butter Bomb of sorts from Flying Apron.

                                      Here is the Mighty O's that my lady friends enjoyed. Sharon with a devilish grin!

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