Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sacred Bathing

Anyone who is a close friend of mine knows my love for bathing. In fact I spent a whole vacation in Iceland bathing for five days in the pranafied waters there. What girl doesn't love a bath? I know a few and shame on you! ha,ha,ha.  All of the ancient cultures had a understanding of sacred waters and baths.
   Bathing not only cleans the physical body but the energetic body is purified as well. Soaking and swimming in the ocean is great for our lymphatic system. All the ions of the ocean have a deeply soothing effect on  our body and mind and is why we feel relaxed on the beach. The mineral waters and sulfur baths of hot springs and my favorite the Blue Lagoon are not only great for your skin but increase your flexibility and are great for the joints and pain management. Taking a bath at night can be come a daily ritual to help you sleep better and wind down at an end of a long day.
           Here are a few of my favorite baths:

Lush  - Everyone deserves a little Lush in there life. I discovered my first lush store a decade ago while traveling in London been hooked ever since and now there are stores statewide. The Bath Bombs are my all time favorite always have some handy. The Big Blue is a nice getaway when you are wanting to soak in the ocean but not possible . You will be soaking with sea weed and a bath tub filled with turquoise water with this one. Avo Bath is another favorite and is uplifting for those of you who enjoy the smell of CNY Yoga it will take you there lemongrass, and rosemary infused.

 Essential Oil Blends - I often just add my own essential oils to the bath by themselves or with a little almond oil. Last night I added Cedar wood and Geranium oil. A few other favorite blends are Eucalyptus,and Sage. Palo Santo is a nice oil as well.

Dr. Haushka Baths -  I love the whole line of Dr. Haushka products and have used there skin care line for 14 years now! Wegmans carries the line now in Dewitt which is a blessing. I use to have to stock up in Germany or Kripalu every year. The lemon and rosemary bath together is perfectly refreshing for summer.

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