Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Book LIst

Here are some of my favorite books for the truth seeker,Yogi, or seeker of the Radiant Life.

This is by far the most comprehensible book on raw food, positive living and is just simply beautiful. Each chapter has Q&A for you and homework.

An easy but must read for every serious yoga student

We are responsible for are own actions no one else. It is time for all to be fully awake and take responsibility for our choices as consumers.

More recommendations to come!



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Lorie! I'm gonna check out the sunfood diet book after I finish reading my current Pema Chodron book, "Taking the Leap: freeing ourselves from old habits and fears".

  2. I guess if someone asked me for only one book to read I would have to suggest Full Catastophic Living by Jon Kabat Zinn--it really covers many aspects of a holistic approach to life's issues--stress reduction, meditation and even yoga in an interesting and practical format.