Monday, August 9, 2010

Smurf Water

This is what I call Smurf water. The water from a fresh Thai Coconut and a teaspoon to tablespoon of Crystal Manna I put it in a mason jar and shake .  Coconut water is like the breast milk of Mother Earth very hydrating and contains the same qualities of blood plasma. There are a lot of pre packaged brands don't waste your money! Only purchase  these when traveling or no fresh coconuts are to be found. The store brands often have added sugars or flavors and are PASTEURIZED,YUCK! Crystal Manna Flakes are a blue green algea a complete source of protein and full of amino acids,vitamins,and minerals. Good for the thyroid gland the list goes on and on. It is fun to drink something that is naturally a deep blue green in nature and tastes great too! This drink is of the highest vibration resonating with the higher chakras in particular the throat and crown chakra. YUM YUM OM!


  1. Yum! I like your background Lor so much! It fits you.

  2. Hey Lorie, I found you through Lori! ;) And I'm so glad I did :) Your smurf water looks delicious, I'm gonna look into those flakes of higher chakra raising goodness. I can always use that. Thanks for sharing!