Wednesday, November 24, 2010


1. Radhanath Swami

I finally had the opportunity to meet Radhanath Swami at a Bhakti event a few weeks back. The stars finally aligned. David Newman first mentioned his book The Journey Home early this past summer. Radhanath Swami's book and name kept coming to me through our mutual friends and acquaintances on the path of Bhav. Well I finally got a copy of the book and EVERYONE must read this. It is an amazing tale of his Journey! It is what I look forward to reading every night. You can purchase his book on the link above.

       There was certainly a time in life when I did not look forward to the winters of CNY. I really embrace all the seasons and VARIETY of CNY weather. I am particularly looking forward to winter and frozen ground because I live with three dogs and the MUD OH THE MUD! I have been cleaning like a crazy vacuuming and mopping the floors two sometimes three times a day. Bring it on Please!

3. Parsley
        I have a parsley tooth! I admit I eat at least one bunch of parsley a day. Its my thing what can I say. I LOVE IT! It is great to travel with I always pack a few bunches on my carry on to eat in the airport and while traveling. That way I know I am getting my leafy green vegetables. It is filled with chlorophyll and a great blood purifier and a natural diuretic. Parsley is my super food of choice.
Parsley Monsters
Our Flight was cancelled to Madrid . I can't remember his name but he was getting married in Italy and was going to be in trouble if he didn't get there. The bride was waiting in Italy! Make friends share your green.

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