Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Top Vegan Self Care Essientials

1. Toms of Maine

Yes, it works and is great for sensitive skin!

2. Neem

3. Sesame Oil

This is great for winter dry skin. Apply all over before shower for you self daily massage. For great glowing skin. Make sure you buy refined unless you prefer to smell like chinese food.

4. Lush Bath Bomb AVO Bath

This is a winter time favorite. It is warming and invigorating. If you love the smell of CNY YOGA CENTER. The oils used are inspired by my favorite Bath Bomb.

5. Young Living Oils Purification

I not only wear this but diffuse it in my home and clean with it by using it in my vacuum. This is also great to put in your abhyanga oil during the summer to keep the bugs away:)

Just some of my Favorite things...

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