Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amma Amma Taye

Amma Amma taye
akhilandeshvari niye
anna purneshvari taye
O adi parashakti niye

O Mother, Mother, dear Divine MotherGoddess of the Universe
                    Giver of food to all creatures
                    Thou art the Primal Supreme Power!

im man ilatil yellam
nadakutamma untan adalinal

Everything in the world happens
because of your divine play!

rakshikka vendum Amma Ammamma
rakshikka vendum Amma
kutchiyil summakkamal kodi latcham
uyirgal endrayi

Protect me, O Mother, protect me!
Without conceiving in the womb
You have given birth to millions
and millions of beings!

pakshi vahananin sodari soundari
petra mudal unnai padi duven
pari purani harani karini niye

O Sister of Lord Vishnu Who rides the bird Garuda
O Beautiful One,
from birth itself I am singing Your glories.
Thou art the Perfect One,
Primordial Cause,
the Destroyer...

Lakshiyam enakku niye Amma... Amma
lakshiyam enakku niye
alakshiyam chethidathe
Jagadisvari taye Bhuvanesvari niye
katti katti enne ni Amma... Amma
katti katti enne ni kavalai padutha enninal
kattiduvar yaro kamakshi minakshi ni sakshi
rakshikka vendum Amma...

Thou art my life's goal, Mother.
Ignore me not, O Goddess of the World!
Thou art the Goddess Lalita, Ruler of the World.
 Mother, if Thou throwest me into troubles again and again,
who else is there to protect me?
O Mother with the enchanting eyes,
Thou art the Omnipresent Witness of all!

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